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How to Spot - Rules

While you are out and about, in the car / bus or walking, if you notice an unusual registration plate on a car registered in the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland), Jersey or Guernsey either jot it down or log on to Spot the Reg and enter it in the search box on your home page. Please remember to put the space in into the correct place when you enter it. If it has matched one that we have in our system then you will see it on your home page in the Last 10 Searches box with a "-well spotted" next to it. If it doesn't match then there won't be a "-well spotted".

We are not interested in the vehicle or where it was spotted.

For every registration that you match to one in our system you 'earn' one point.

To see if you have won any prizes then click on the My Prizes in the menu or on the "Prizes you can claim" box.

What Registrations can I Spot or Not!

You can spot any unusual ones e.g. Names (Boys / Girls or Companies), words, abbreviations, they can be two or more digits.

Any registration with FX in what ever order.

Football clubs - regs with "FC" in them e.g. WFC. Also triple letters.

You can spot registrations not just on cars - can be on vans, lorries, juggernauts, motorbikes, fork lift truck, tractor.


You have got to spot it on the vehicle - not on a trailer or caravan. Don't look on the internet or newspapers for cars for sale - they don't count!

Don't spot any registrations on Emergency Vehicles - Police, Ambulance, Fire Engine, Coast Guard, Bomb Disposal. or Royal Mail vehicles or Military vehicles - tanks, jeeps, personnel carriers etc.

Don't use the website whilst you are driving....!

How you win prizes

There are two different kinds of prizes:

  1. A Main Prize
    This is a prize that is being offered by a company and is linked to one or more specific registrations - The prize information will give you an indication of which registrations you will need to find, e.g. to win free fish and chips you might need to find registrations with the letters 'COD' orĀ 'HAD' for haddock in them. Also how many different registrations you will need to find.

  2. A Spot Prize
    These prizes are offered based on the number of matched ("spots") registrations you have found. When you claim a spot prize the count of your total spots reduces by the quantity needed to claim the prize.

    Claiming a Spot Prize will not reduce your chance of winning a main prize.

Claiming a prize

Once you have clicked on the "Claim Prize" button on the Prizes page you can not change your mind.

When you claim a prize you will receive an e-mail with the details of the prize. The Company offering the prize will also receive an e-mail and then they should contact you within a few days with the information on how to redeem your prize.

If you choose not to Claim the prize, that prize will continue to be available to you until:

If you have any questions, please contact iReg via the help form.

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