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Spot the Reg came about in 2007. While I was driving to work I came up behind a vehicle and noticed how unusual the vehicle registration number came to be. So being an inventor could I turn this into something?

That's when the addiction came as whenever I went out I would spot reg's. So my idea came to light to create a game that you can play anywhere, anytime and with who you wanted. So for the next 8 years I would spot reg's all over the country.

So now we have Spot the Reg I needed a character. So iReg was born and here at Spot the Reg we have never looked back. I came up with iReg the same week as Spot the Reg, we needed a logo that would fit the game, and iReg fits the game.

I wanted a game that the whole family can get involved with and work as a team in their own way. Spot the Reg is a game you can play when you want, the game is known as a ring game as there is no end.

Spot the Reg is both good for the memory as well as with your eyesight and it's educational. Once we know what to look for this game is child's play. 

Does iReg have a family or girl friend?


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